Half-Pipe Jacketed Tanks, Vessels, and More

At Savannah Tank, our industry experience has allowed us to supply diverse solutions to our customers for over 20 years, delivering quality tanks, vessels, and more that adhere to their requirements.

As part of our product offerings, we can provide tanks and pressure vessels equipped with half-pipe jackets that can meet your needs for storage or processing when temperature control is required.

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About Half-Pipe Jacketed Tanks and Vessels

A half-pipe jacketed tank or vessel features a pipe that has been cut in half and rolled to form the diameter of the vessel. Half-pipe jackets are able to be incorporated onto the entire unit, or they can be utilized on specific portions.

Customers regularly use custom half-pipe jacketed tanks and vessels for applications that feature high pressure levels, and for processing materials where external heating or cooling is needed. For heating, oil or steam are often utilized to maintain temperature, and for cooling, glycol is frequently used.

half-pipe tanks

Benefits of Using Custom Half-Pipe Vessels and Tanks

When you opt for a custom half-pipe jacketed tank or vessel from Savannah Tank, know that we’re committed to working closely with you through design, engineering, fabrication, and final delivery to give you reliable equipment on time and on budget.

Some of the advantages of acquiring a half-pipe jacketed tank include:

  • These tanks can hold more volume of a heating and cooling medium than a dimple jacketed tank
  • They are a less expensive option than conventional jackets
  • Jackets can be applied to tanks built out of stainless steel, carbon steel, or higher alloys
  • We can also equip your tank with internal coils to provide additional heating or cooling capability

As you can see, choosing a custom half-pipe tank or vessel can be a worthwhile investment. If you’re working with liquids where temperature control is required before, during, or after processing, reach out to our team to discuss options.

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