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75,000 lb. carbon steel ASME pressure vessel

At Savannah Tank, we’re dedicated to delivering quality solutions that check all of your boxes, even if your needs include a 14’ x 51’ carbon steel pressure vessel. We continuously challenge and expand our skills and knowledge by building new tanks, pressure vessels, and processing equipment for even the most demanding industries and markets.

Building a 75,000 lb. Carbon Steel ASME Pressure Vessel

In October of 2021, we completed a carbon steel ASME pressure vessel for a large paper/packaging company in the Southeast. The tank was 14’ in diameter, 51’ tall, and weighed in at 75,000 pounds.

75,000 lb. carbon steel ASME pressure vessel

We tested our own limits with this project, as this 14’ x 51’ carbon steel pressure vessel was one of the heaviest tanks we have ever built and shipped in one piece. However, the outcome was incredible and demonstrated our abilities to take a client’s requirements and build a custom solution.

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Savannah Tank is committed to helping you achieve quality tanks that are built to your specifications, adhering to the budget, timeline, and small details you require.

Whether you are looking for a 75,000 lb. carbon steel ASME pressure vessel or something smaller, be sure to contact us today. We’re always happy to challenge our team and put our expertise to work for you!

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