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If your process or materials require temperatures above or below ambient levels, then a heat transfer jacket may be right for your application.

A jacketed tank or jacketed vessel is surrounded with a secondary wall that allows for temperature-controlling fluid or gas to flow around the tank without directly coming in contact with the contents inside the tank. If your next tank or pressure vessel requires external heating or cooling, reach out to the experts at Savannah Tank and Equipment Corporation for a jacketed reactor or jacketed mixing tank.

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We have nearly 30 years of experience building tanks with heat transfer jackets. The most common types of tank jackets are:

  • Conventional jacket – The main tank is outfitted with an outer wall that encapsulates it like a secondary vessel, and hot or cold media is circulated between the main tank and the jacket. While this style of jacket provides the most coverage, it is typically the heaviest and thickest jacketed tank option.

  • Dimpled jacket –A tank with a dimple jacket features a lightweight outer shell that is welded to the main tank every 2” to 3” so the exterior looks like the dimples on a golf ball. The dimples form a network of pockets through which heating or cooling media can be circulated. A dimpled jacket can often be the most economical way to add external temperature control to a storage tank or pressure vessel.

  • Half-pipe jacket – For this type of jacket, a length of half pipe is wrapped around the tank in a helical arrangement. Heating or cooling media is then circulated through the pipe raising or lowering the temperature of the tank.

To learn more about our jacketed tanks, contact us with any questions.

Our Full Capabilities for Jacketed Tanks

Our team of experts has designed and fabricated jacketed tanks for a broad range of clients in industries such as:

Our comprehensive range of customization options enables us to build a jacketed tank that will meet your exact specifications, and we’ll work closely with you to determine the solution that will serve you best.

Thanks to our ability to create fully customized equipment, we can meet virtually any requirement you may have. This includes internal components such as dip tubes and heating/cooling coils, as well as external accessories like ladders, handrails, and platforms. At Savannah Tank, we can meet any of your jacketed vessel needs.

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Why Choose Savannah Tank for Your Jacketed Tanks

At Savannah Tank, we offer the most complete lineup of in-house services in the business. We will work with you every step of the way, from design and engineering to fabrication and final delivery. Our skilled and certified team will help make certain that the next time you need a jacketed vessel, your project will be completed on-time and on-budget. As one of the leading manufacturers of pressure vessels and process equipment in the country, there’s almost no limit to what we can do.

If managing and controlling process temperature is a crucial part of your next project, then we encourage you to contact us today about designing and building a jacketed tank for your facility.

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