How Does a Pressure Vessel Work

How Does a Pressure Vessel Work?

By David Onachilla | April 9, 2024

In numerous industrial applications, from manufacturing to energy, the utilization of pressure vessels is paramount. The pressure vessels play a vital role in many industries. They are used for containing fluids and gasses at certain pressures. But how does a pressure vessel work exactly?  Understanding the working principle of pressure vessels is just as important…

Introducing a Record-Breaking Tank

By David Onachilla | February 23, 2023

We’re proud to announce that we set a new Savannah Tank record back in December of 2022. Our team built a 72,000 lb. tank and shipped it to a chemical company in the Southeast where it will be used in the production of new, advanced materials. This 14’-0” diameter vessel stands more than 50’-0” tall,…

Our Abilities in Creating Stainless Steel API Storage Tanks

By David Onachilla | January 12, 2023

Our team at Savannah Tank has years of experience designing, fabricating, assembling, and delivering a wide array of above-ground tanks for use in varied industries. Recently, we constructed and delivered more than 30 stainless steel storage tanks to a medical manufacturing company located in the southeastern United States. Our client’s application required dimple jackets for…

stainless-steel ASME pressure vessels for water treatment

Creating a Stainless-Steel ASME Pressure Vessel for Water Treatment

By David Onachilla | December 8, 2022

At Savannah Tank, we focus on developing tanks and pressure vessels based on the specifications needed by each customer. In February 2022, we successfully built and delivered a stainless-steel ASME pressure vessel for water treatment. This custom, above-ground pressure vessel was built with ladders and handrails for easy maintenance and optimized safety, allowing authorized personnel…

duplex 2205 storage tanks

Savannah Tank’s Duplex 2205 Storage Tanks

By David Onachilla | September 8, 2022

Recently, Savannah Tank built and delivered two Duplex 2205 storage tanks for a chemical company in the southeastern United States. Today, we are highlighting our work on these tanks. After speaking with the client to understand their requirements, we designed two vertical storage tanks, customized for their application using Duplex 2205 material. Some of the…

stainless steel asme pressure vessel

Our Recent Stainless-Steel ASME Pressure Vessel

By David Onachilla | September 6, 2022

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has rigorous standards for tanks, pressure vessels, and more. At Savannah Tank, we are experienced at constructing equipment to fulfill these standards, all while promoting safety, reliability, productivity, and efficiency.  We Can Meet Your Needs for a Successful Project In November of 2021, our team completed a stainless-steel ASME pressure vessel…

Stainless-steel chemical reactor

Stainless-Steel Chemical Reactor from Savannah Tank

By David Onachilla | July 13, 2022

Delivered in October of 2021, Savannah Tank recently manufactured a stainless-steel chemical reactor for a chemical company in the southeastern United States. Some of the key aspects of this chemical reactor include: A half-pipe jacket on the shell and the bottom head An internal pipe coil to help the customer achieve the internal temperatures needed for their…

innovation at savannah tank

Innovation Underway at Savannah Tank

By David Onachilla | May 16, 2022

At Savannah Tank, we’re dedicated to delivering quality solutions that check all of your boxes, even if your needs include a 14’ x 51’ carbon steel pressure vessel. We continuously challenge and expand our skills and knowledge by building new tanks, pressure vessels, and processing equipment for even the most demanding industries and markets. Building…