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Operating a tank with its contents under pressure can be dangerous. Because of this, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has established rigorous requirements and guidelines for the design and fabrication of pressure vessels. At Savannah Tank and Equipment Corporation, we’ve been ASME-certified to build industrial pressure vessels for more than 20 years. We carefully design and fabricate them according to ASME’s exacting standards, thoroughly inspecting and testing each tank from start to finish. Based on our experience and capabilities, we enjoy a high level of repeat business, working for decades with many world-class customers. Our custom pressure vessels can be found in numerous industries, including:

Chemical — Certain chemicals must be continuously pressurized to maintain safety and product integrity. Our experience in serving this highly specialized industry means we can create the ideal equipment for any application.

Pulp & Paper — The massive boilers used to cook wood chips require massive tanks to hold steam. We can deliver fully customized solutions that meet the requirements of our customers in this market.

Water Treatment — Providing clean water is essential for public health and safety. We understand this better than anyone, and design pressure tanks that perform to the highest standards.

Natural Resources — Numerous companies in the oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy sectors rely on our products to store and process vital elements for their operations. Our expertise in building ASME pressure vessels for these demanding applications makes us the ideal partner for companies in this industry.

Industrial Production — Our wide variety of services and products help manufacturing companies create reliable, efficient production processes.

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From Concept to Creation

Our customization capabilities make us the most versatile pressure vessel manufacturer in the Southeast. No matter what type of solution you need for your project, we have the ability to deliver it on time and to your exact specifications. We can design a vessel in virtually any configuration, size or orientation to fit your site. Whether you need external or interior heating or cooling systems, it’s no problem for our team. We also can add interior components such as baffles and spray pipes.

At Savannah Tank and Equipment Corporation, we know how to help you with your pressure vessel, no matter what materials you need. We’re adept at fabricating tanks from carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys, as well as other materials. If your solution calls for polishing, interior liners or exterior painting, we can provide that, too.

In short, no one in the marketplace is more capable and knowledgeable than we are. We can be your single source for ASME pressure vessels and a range of other custom tanks and tank accessories. To learn more or to request a quote, reach out to one of our experienced staff members today.

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