Our Abilities in Creating Stainless Steel API Storage Tanks

stainless steel API storage tank

Our team at Savannah Tank has years of experience designing, fabricating, assembling, and delivering a wide array of above-ground tanks for use in varied industries.

Recently, we constructed and delivered more than 30 stainless steel storage tanks to a medical manufacturing company located in the southeastern United States. Our client’s application required dimple jackets for temperature control, cone bottoms to promote product flow, as well as mixers and internal baffles to keep the contents well-mixed and homogenous. Our design and engineering teams were able to incorporate all of these elements into the various tank designs, successfully meeting the customer’s objectives.

stainless steel API storage tank

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Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel API storage tank or have other project demands, be sure to contact our team to learn more about our experience and abilities.

stainless steel API storage tank
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