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Do you need custom storage tanks or silos? Savannah Tank and Equipment Corporation is the storage tank manufacturer that can help. We have decades of experience in storage tanks fabrication in a wide variety of sizes, materials and configurations, ranging from as little as five gallons to more than 75,000 gallons.

Whether you need industrial storage tank that is horizontal or vertical, pressurized or atmospheric, we can build it. From our chemical storage tanks and custom stainless steel water tanks to our storage vessels for water treatment, Savannah Tank has you covered. You will find our Storage Tanks used by leading companies in industries such as:

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Memberships and Affiliations

We design and build ASME certified tanks according to the standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API-650 and API-620) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME Section VIII, Div. 1), so if you’re looking for a new stainless steel ASME storage tanks for your facility, Savannah Tank can help.

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Tank Regulations and Standards (API 650 and EPA):

API 650 sets essential guidelines for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), ensuring their integrity and safety. It mandates detailed inspection procedures to detect structural flaws, corrosion, and leaks, alongside specifying repair methods and safety protocols. Additionally, the standard outlines criteria for altering or reconstructing tanks to meet evolving industry needs while maintaining safety standards.

The EPA oversees environmental regulations concerning storage tanks, including spill prevention, leak detection, and containment measures. Compliance with these regulations and API 650 storage tanks standards is crucial for safeguarding the environment and public health while ensuring the efficient operation of storage tank fabrication.

Tank Sizing and Design Considerations

When in need for storage tank fabrication, the tank size calculations, crucial for not only stainless steel custom storage tanks, but also industrial storage tank needs, consider capacity needs, space limitations, and operational requirements. Design factors include temperature control, material compatibility, seismic considerations, and environmental factors.

Structural engineering aspects involve load calculations, material selection for corrosion resistance, and reinforcement to withstand pressures and ensure stability. These considerations ensure custom storage tanks from your chosen ASME tank manufacturers and supplier meet storage demands, operate safely and efficiently, comply with regulations like API-650 and API-620, ASME tank certification and maintain structural integrity.

Complete Storage Tank Customization Capabilities

Our full, in-house tank fabrication services make us the ideal source for storage vessels. We can offer you a wide selection of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel storage tanks, and other nickel alloys, and if your project calls for internal or external components such as pipe coils, baffles, dip tubes, or a ladder and handrail, we can equip your vessel to your specification.

We can build vessels in virtually any shape, orientation, or configuration to fit your space considerations. And if your custom storage tank requires a particular surface finish, we can help with that as well. On our storage tanks we can also apply a variety of coatings and linings, and can perform mechanical polishing as well.

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Tank Applications

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, including, Mixing Tanks, Day Tanks, Holding Tanks, Waste Tanks, and Jacketed Storage Tanks, find extensive use across diverse industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and agriculture.

Each industry has specific requirements and challenges, such as material compatibility, regulatory compliance, and operational considerations. For instance, in chemical processing, tanks may require materials resistant to corrosion like stainless steel storage tanks or other nickel alloys.

Emerging trends include storage tank fabrication dedicated to holding materials used in electric vehicle battery production. Adapting to industry-specific needs, industrial storage tank or stainless tank fabrication and storage tanks play a vital role in various sectors, ensuring safe and efficient operations and environmental compliance.

Let Us Help Your Next Project with a Custom Storage Tank

We look forward to helping you with your next custom storage tank project. With multiple skills and as storage tank fabricators under the same roof, no process equipment company has more to offer than we do. Our dedicated stainless steel storage tanks manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art technology, making us the most capable tank and vessel manufacturer in the Southeast.

At Savannah Tank, we aren’t afraid of pressure! Discover why our customers prefer working with us, Savannah Tank is ready to help. Reach out to us today with any questions or request a quote below regarding our storage tanks and storage vessels.


1. Can a used storage tank for sale fit my storage needs?

While used storage tanks for sale are available, they may not perfectly match the specific requirements of your application in terms of size, material, and design for optimal safety and efficiency. Savannah Tank specializes in custom industrial storage tanks that are tailored to your exact needs, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum performance. Our custom fabrication expertise also includes specialized products like reactors and jacketed tanks for a complete solution.

2. What advantages do custom industrial storage tanks from Savannah Tank offer over used storage tanks for sale?

Custom storage tanks from Savannah Tank are designed with your specific requirements in mind, ensuring they meet the exact capacity, material compatibility, and safety standards your operation demands. Unlike used storage tanks for sale, which may come with wear, potential contamination, or material incompatibility, our stainless steel storage tanks are made with high-quality materials and the latest technology.

3. Why should I buy a custom storage tank instead of purchasing a used storage tank for sale?

A custom storage tank ensures that your storage solution is precisely aligned with your operational requirements, providing better safety, compatibility, and efficiency. Savannah Tank’s bespoke above ground storage tanks offer the latest in design and materials, unlike potentially outdated or worn used tanks. Furthermore, our ability to customize other related products, like silos and scrubbers, means you can rely on a fully integrated, high-performance solution for your storage and processing needs.

Let us help you with your next project!

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